Oton Hyper KC430 8MP 4K UHD PTZ Streaming Camera with 2.5 inch CMOS Sensor

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Oton Hyper KC430 is well suited for use as a video conference camera, and with its 12x zoom lens it is also suitable for use in auditoriums, lecture halls and production environments thanks to its tally light. It incorporates a 1/2.5″ 8MP CMOS sensor for clear output. The camera utilizes a highly efficient DC motor servo controller to achieve high-speed, quiet positioning, and you can program up to 255 position presets (10 by remote controller).

You can use this in a small conference room, or mount it in a lecture hall using the 12x optical (10x digital) reach of the zoom lens to get close to your subject. Camera control is via the built-in RS-232 / RS-422(RS-485) interface with the camera supporting VISCA and Pelco-D protocols. Supporting PoE (Power over Ethernet), you can power it from a PoE RJ-45 connector. The camera supports 3D NR for a clean image, and the image flip feature allows you to mount the camera on a desktop or the ceiling and adjust the orientation of the image to keep it upright.

Hyper KC430 has a built in hardware streaming engine for live streaming via its built in Ethernet connection. That means you can live stream to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch in better quality, without dropped frames and with much simpler settings. You can even multistream your live feeds to 2 platforms at the same time to reach your global audience.