Oton KB12-X Blackmagic Atem Switcher and vMix Combo Controller

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Oton KB12-X vMix/Atem Controller is a cost effective video switcher for live streaming or small venue multimedia control. vMix and Blackmagic Atem switcher has complete integration with the device allowing any key or control to be assigned to virtually any function and triggering our backlight LEDs to indicate active inputs, streaming, and recording status. You can use the provided vMix or atem template for instant setup of the KB12-X controller’s keys and indicators. What’s more, you connect the KB12-X vMix controller to your computer via a USB connection that is compatible with USB 2.0!

Key Features

  • Combo Control for Blackmagic Atem and vMix Software
  • Anodized aluminum surface panel for various environment
  • 12 channel switching for PVW and PGM
  • Extensive transition effects
  • Independent audio control for 5 channels(1 input + 4 outputs)
  • A number of Shortcuts can be assigned to anything from Keyboard via USB cable
  • Tally for camera status indication
  • Support POE